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EvenMore is a freeware textviewer for the Amiga written in AmigaE and ECX. This is my first project on the Amiga and I have been developing it since 1996. I decided to start programming EvenMore because I wanted to learn to program on the Amiga. I didn't like any of the textviewers that were available, they had a lot of functions but weren't very much to look at. So I decided to write my own textviewer.


Plugin system for file conversion of many popular formats
Open multiple files
Seamless browsing of archives and directories in the main window
Links are clickable in HTML, AmigaGuide and other formats
Support for standard ANSI escape code sequences styles
Extra custom escape code sequences for full colour text and additional styles
Support for true colour graphics on all Amiga systems
Wordwrapping feature that works on proportional fonts
ARexx port for remote control
Configurable GUI using MUI 3.8+
Locale support
Unlimited bookmarking system

File support

General plugins
Archives supported by XadMaster

File conversion formats
Rich Text Format
WordPerfect 5, 6, X7
WordWorth 3-7

XML formats
Plain text and HTML emails
The following formats require Unzip 5.40 by C. Spieler to be in C: to work
Microsoft DocX
OpenOffice ODT
Scriba SCT (basic)
KWord KWD (basic)

Download - Version 0.94

Amiga OS 3 - EvenMore.lha - Readme
MorphOS - EvenMore_MOS.lha - Readme
Amiga OS 4 - EvenMore_OS4.lha - Readme
AmiKit - EvenMore_AmiKit.lha - Readme
Plugin source - EvenMorePlugins.lha - Readme


EvenMore manual

BoingAmiga Computing (Mar-97) - cover disk
'even though this is an early version it is very good'

BoingAmiga Format (May-99) - PD select
'easy to use and highly functional'

BoingAmiga Format (Dec-99) - PD select
'EvenMore has a toolbox bursting with features'

BoingAmiga Format (Chr-99) - cover disk
'EvenMore comes armed with a barrage of additional features'

EvenMore classic screenshot

EvenMore MorphOS screenshot

To Do

Consider how to port to AROS if possible.


Fixed bug. Files were not loading from the current directory in the shell if EvenMore was run from a different directory.

Fixed bug. The buffer to linked list file conversion routine was not checking for the last line if it did not end in a linefeed or carriage return.

Spaces will now be treated as a single block when word wrapping. This may speed it up a little.

Fixed word wrapping when the line has escape code sequences in it.

Fixed a bug in the window gadgets of the AmigaOS4 version. A slight incompatibility with an updated MUI on OS 4 was stopping the gadgets from functioning.

Changed the way libraries are loaded in the preference plugins. This may have been causing an Enforcer hit.

The function to match the plugins with the plugin preferences was unnecessarily looping through all the plugins rather than stopping when it found a match.

Generic2Text preference plugin gadget address was being overwritten when the preferences were loaded from the menu.

Added Home, End, Page Up and Page Down mapping for PC keyboards.

Added devices list button for MorphOS edition so it is more like Morphos.

Fixed mousewheel scroll on AmigaOS 4 non-classic edition. Thanks to Samir Hawamdeh for testing.

Samir Hawamdeh has very kindly updated the Italian catalog.

The final line list is now constructed using pointers to the linked list of data line objects, rather than copying the actual line objects themselves. This should save memory and speed up wrapping a lot.

Fixed AbiWord XML coloured text styles.

Optimised HTML/XML plugin a little.

Tidied up linewrapping. It doesn't work quite correctly on text that has escape code sequences in it yet.

Did a lot of work creating a true wordwrapping feature that works on proportional fonts. This involved making a lot of changes to the file structure. This began with allowing EvenMore to convert standard file buffers to linked list structures without using any more memory. The linked list structure was expanded to contain line wrapping information which is calculated based on the current window width. The linked lists are freed and regenerated whenever the window resizes, so the wordwrapping will update depending on the window size.

Added wrap text string to most of the language catalogs.

Added apostrophe XML keyword to XML conversion plugin.

Polish catalog has been updated.

Created a Pipe2Text plugin for the PIPE: handler, so you can load files from the PIPE: device. This required alterations to the main executable code.

EvenMore AmiKit GUI is now based on the MorphOS version, and uses datatypes to load the icon images.